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Launching... Circus Blast!


Circus Blast -- 3D

Circus Blast -- 3D Puzzle Shooter for iPhone. You're a monkey. In a circus. Trying to help the other animals escape, with a cannon!

Choose an animal to help escape by shooting them towards the target as quickly as you can!




More levels coming, and better artwork too. Just as soon as our artist gets back from that high-paying AAA title and have more time to waste with us.

In-app store to purchase new levels and play as different characters:

  • 12 levels
  • 4 unique players
  • 3 different camera angles
  • 2 aiming styles, switch between joystick and d-pad buttons


"Oh, I like that monkey"


-- happy, dancing girl, age 6


"I just like blowing things up!"


-- obsessive FPS jockey


"What a load of cr*p"


-- disgruntled 1-star review jerky boy


"Are you still working on that dang game?!!"


-- completely disillusioned spouse






  • Training
  • Go Easy
  • Big Shot
  • The Box
  • Trap
  • Roller
  • Bank Shot
  • Tower


  • Kabu-kun 210kg (free!)
  • Kuma-kun 100kg hard (+ $0.99)
  • Hoku-kun 5kg easy (+ $0.99)
  • Kirin-kun 240kg medium (+ $0.99)